The Designer


Ellie started the brand at the age of 23 years old. Prior to this she was working in Investment Banking as an Equity Analyst at ECM Libra Investment bank. After 2 years Ellie realized she wanted to venture into her own business. Her love for the arts was what drove her into the fashion world. She wanted to incorporate her artistic side to fashion by sourcing and designing unique patterns to create a beautiful collection. This was the start to My Apparel Zoo. She specialized in designing tribal printed clothing. Ellie has always been passionate about fashion. Ever since she was little her dream was to work in the fashion world. 

Growing up, Ellie travelled the world experiencing different ways of life. Born in Canada then moving to Indonesia, Spain, Thailand, China and then to the United Kingdom for university where she obtained a Bsc in Management from the University of West of England, Bristol. This has definitely given Ellie a creative insight to the world of fashion, being able to learn from different cultures, traditions and meeting different people. It has impacted the way Ellie designs her pieces.

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