My Apparel Zoo Won The Outstanding Brand For Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready-To-Wear 2016

I think it was about time I wrote something personal. Something memorable just happened for the brand. If you guys don’t know yet, we won the ‘OUTSTANDING BRAND AWARD’ for Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2016. In just three years, can you guys imagine that?! I felt a lot of brands this year really stepped up their game. I was in awe with so many other collections and designs my peers had showcased, so to just be acknowledged on such a platform was good enough, but to be recognized as this, it was just amazing! 

My Apparel Zoo was called out as 'Outstanding Brand Award'. You could imagine my face right before that. I was so shocked! Further more, walking that long runway was just terrifying infront of so many influencial guest and VIPs, really?! I was just thinking to myself dont trip.

I cannot take all the credit myself, it really goes out to my team, all my supporters, and my peers as well who have given me such great advice, if it wasn't for them I would not be standing here. There were sleepless nights and we would start work very early in the morning. So there was a lot of effort put into the collection. It took me 3 months to figure out the story I wanted to design.

The longest walk imaginable! Why did i have to waer 5 inch heels that night.

My Apparel Zoo Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week ready-to-wear 2016 (KLFW RTW 2016) collection was inspired by Japanese Culture; I called it the RyŪtai Collection (RyŪtai in Japanese means Fluidity). The collection was infused with a lot of Japanese textures and layering, the fabrics were all sourced from Japan. In my press release I described that the collection was inspired by Japan, but why did I choose Japan you ask? Well, a big turn in my life happened early this year. My 4 years boyfriend ‘ Azril Ghaus A.K.A Stone’, as his friends call him, proposed to me on 9th January 2016 in Niseko, Japan! So the collection was not only based on Japanese culture, but also expresses how I felt during the whole proposal.  The colour palette I used for this collection is dark, but the silhouette had a lot of light elements to it, based on how flowy some of the pieces were. It expressed how happy and cooling that day was. One because it was snowing haha, obviously! The other was just the level of happiness I felt that day, I felt light, calm and safe, and that really showed through the collection. One of my favourite pieces was this long black maxi dress that just flowed on the runway because I wanted to choose a fabric that was extremely light but very durable, this portrayed the lightness I felt. I designed a lot of layering and wraps in my pieces as well, this expressed the hardship of my relationship, the struggles, the ups and downs that each layer in the garment had.  There were so many elements in the collection that I can relate to but it would just take forever! The response for this collection was amazing. I am truly blessed that so many of you enjoyed it. So Thank You! 

Then I was granted the opportunity to make a speech! I really wished I was more prepared. So humbled by this award. Thank You! You can catch the full video here at our Facebook Page

My Fiance and I attending the closing show during KLFW RTW 2016. Little did I know what was going to happen!

A Big Thank You to Everyone

I'm wearing the Checkered Origami Top (RM650) & Side Pleated Trousers (RM550)

But again I just really would like to say, thank you so much to Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week and Hlive for this amazing award. This goes out to everyone who has supported My Apparel Zoo from Day 1, my friends, my family - parents, Gunit family and my fiance! Everybody who was proud to wear My Apparel Zoo during KLFW RTW 2016, you ladies looked amazing! A lot of blood sweat and tears was put into the collection. I am eternally gratefull. To my sponsors for the show this year, Kek & Co, Toms Malaysia, Empower Fitness, Nelissa Hilman, Dipped Row, Shu Uemura, Urban Decay, Ahmad Nazim from Kopi.right our official photographer, Thank You for being a part of it and believing in the brand, especially to My Creative Ventures for the full support. Andrew and the whole team, thank you for giving My Apparel Zoo this amazing opportunity and platform to be a part of KLFW RTW 2016 year to year. I hope to continue to make you and everyone proud. This would have been my proper speech if I wasn't so surprised on stage. So many emotions running through my head. I will love and cherish every moment of it. Thank You once again! 

Love, Ellie Norman xoxo

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